Water With Blessings is a non-profit WASH program

Our Mission

Clean Water for God’s Thirsty Children

Our Vision

We believe that every child, everywhere, should be drinking clean water.

Our Values

  • All God’s children have a right to clean water.
  • Blessings are for sharing.
  • Spiritual commitment leads to sustainable change.
  • Human problems require human solutions.
  • Compassion transforms communities.
  • Community is sacred.
  • Only God knows the heart.

Our Flagship Water Woman Program

For remote/underserved communities in developing countries. We equip, empower and entrust mothers as Water Women who serve their families and neighbors by filtering water through Sawyer PointONE bucket filters.

Our U.S. Program

For Native American and Appalachian families who lack access to safe drinking water.

Our Disaster Response Program

Distributing Sawyer PointONE filters, both minis and bucket filters, wherever war or natural disaster impact access to safe drinking water.

Water With Blessings gladly and proudly collaborates with people of any faith who practice compassion and believe that clean water is a basic, God-given human right.

Spiritual yet Interfaith

There are Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, animist and Christian Water Women.


In a world with too many boundaries in the name of religion, we honor the spiritual potential in every mother, whatever her faith.


Every Water Woman makes a spiritual commitment to serve, according to her own faith.


We gladly collaborate with persons of any faith who practice compassion.

We are founded in the Christian tradition of service to others.
Proselytization is never associated with our mission.

Water Work is Holy Work


Clean water is a basic, God-intended human right.


Every Water Woman makes a spiritual commitment to serve, according to her own faith.


Award-winning training program (Pan-American Health Organization Foundation/PAHO Foundation 2014 Award of Excellence)

Promoting Self-Determination and Dignity


Water Women are heroes for their own people.


Our country teams of Water Teachers are made up entirely of nationals serving their own people.

Sponsor mothers to become Water Women


Sponsor one mother to serve 4 families: $75


Sponsor one family: $17.50


Can you be a major donor? $1,125 provides 15 Water Women to serve 60 families.


Sponsor a community of 200 families: 50 Water Women for $3750

Our Community Identity...worldwide, dynamic, open to you!

We understand ourselves to be more than an organization… we are an interfaith community for mission,  persons who share a passion for bringing clean water to God’s thirsty children. We are…

Water Women

mothers living in marginal communities of developing nations, offering an act of compassion to our neighbors by filtering their drinking water.

Water Teachers

experienced Water Women who serve as trainers for new Water Women.

Water Leaders and Water Brothers

women and men who support the WWB ministry in their marginal communities and ensure that it is carried out in accord with the WWB covenant.

Mission Partners

US based mission teams, congregations and organizations that collaborate with WWB to bring the Water Women ministry to our mission sites in developing nations.

WWB Advocates

Individuals who promote and support the WWB mission through various activities… as donors, volunteers, board members, staff.

We… could be YOU!

We invite you to join the WWB Community. We offer you a uniquely effective way to respond to the world-wide water crisis.

Our Annual Report

2019 Annual Report

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Water with Blessings, incorporated in October 2011, is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit, which means your contribution is tax-deductible.