Blessings of Grace

In memory of Grace Katherine Aguilar Portillo 

10.17.2009 ~ 2.28.2023


We’re very sad to announce the recent passing of our young Honduran friend Grace, and hope you will join us in prayerful support for mom Gabriela and our friend and collaborator, her Grandma Grace. Grace Katherine fought leukemia for many years, and clean water from a Sawyer PointONE filter was an important part of her battle. She always told us how she loved that delicious water that kept her vulnerable body safe from waterborne disease. Her Grandma Grace shared with us that young Grace drank filtered water up to the day of her death at age 13. 

Can you imagine what dirty water does to a child who is battling cancer? Can you imagine what a safe, reliable and long lasting filter means to the parents of that child? Plans are in the works for a special “Blessings of Grace” campaign to provide Sawyer PointONE filters to Honduran children who are battling cancer. Mom Gabriela and Grandma Grace will lead the campaign in Honduras. You can help them get started with a contribution in her honor (MC LINK). We join Grace, Gabriela and Grandma Grace in saying ¡Gracias por su generosidad! 

 If you’d like to be part of the Blessings of Grace team here in the US, helping to raise interest and support, please contact us!