Join Us Friday Mornings For Great Coffee and CinnaBourbon Hugs

Enjoy the best cinnamon rolls in Louisville, along with coffee from Honduras, at Water With Blessings (1902 Campus Place, Suite 11). A portion of the proceeds helps fund Water Women around the world.
Made with real butter, aged bourbon, delicious cinnamon (and a few secret ingredients), these rolls will become a favorite in your home or office. Hope you can stop by to try them!
Warm, gooey cinnamon rolls, made by Captain’s Cabin in Louisville, will be available for pick up every Friday from 8am-9:30am at the Water With Blessings office.
Please try to order before noon on Thursday. You can click Here to make sure you can take home your favorite flavor: original, pecan, or bacon. And yes, they can be frozen, but they probably won’t make it to the freezer!


Turning Her Talents Into Clean Water For God's Thirsty Children

After moving to Louisville from St. Louis in 2010, one of the people Tammy Donelson met was Sr. Larraine Lauter.

“We were in the same church, the Church of the Epiphany,” Tammy said. “They were just starting with the idea for Water With Blessings. I’ve always had a heart for mission, and as we got to know each other, I wanted to get involved.”

That led to Tammy’s being on the Water With Blessings Board of Directors for nearly seven years.

“It seems like we did everything in those years,” Tammy said. “We became more global than just Honduras. We moved to the model we have now. And as we moved along as a Board, there was always the need for fund raising.”

As part of that fund raising, Sr. Larraine asked Tammy to create the Cradles of Christ event – something that she had done back at her church in St. Louis.

“I have about 200 Nativity Scenes myself, and know others who are collectors too,” Tammy said. “We had the event in person in 2018 and 2019, then it was virtual last year because of the pandemic. We’re getting ready for this year’s event now.”

Recently, Tammy has turned another of her interests into a Water With Blessings fund raising stream: Cinnabourbon Hugs – cinnamon rolls with something extra.

“I teach a class called ‘Cooking with Bourbon’ once or twice a week at my home,” Tammy said. “It’s an Air B&B experience. I’m working on a cookbook based on the class and came up with the rolls. We thought to kick it off, what better way than a fund raiser for Water With Blessings?”

The Cinnabourbon Hugs were introduced at the Water With Blessings office on June 30, and are now available for pickup at the office every Friday morning between 8 and 9:30am. To order yours, please scroll down to the bottom of this newsletter and click the order button.

“We prefer pre-orders,” Tammy said, “but we usually make a couple of extra pans, so people can stop by and pick some up if they want.”

Cinnamon Bun Tin Picture
Tammy Cooking

Why I Support Water With Blessings

Tammy Donelson

Former Board Member, Nativity Scene Collector, and Bourbon Chef Extraordinaire

Tammy Donelson says the reason she became so dedicated to Water With Blessings is the organization’s simplicity.

“I lived in Chile for a year, so I saw how things could go wrong with a big-organization approach,” she said. “But going on a grassroots level, Water With Blessings works with mothers who will make sure our approach works for their families and their communities.

“And the faith-based focus is so important. It’s not just about getting clean water to people – the Red Cross could do that. Water With Blessings takes an eternal approach, meeting people’s needs physically, emotionally, and spiritually.”

Tammy encourages others to get involved with Water With Blessings.

“This is a very dedicated group of people,” she said. “Sr. Larraine makes sure every possible dollar goes to the Water Women. That sort of accountability is important to me. There are lots of places you can invest your time and money. But I know that with my gifts, Water With Blessings is going to efficient and accountable.”