Village by Village: Washing Out Cholera in Haiti

Water With Blessings for Haiti

  • Our Village by Village campaign in Haiti replicates the success of our Water Woman program. In November 2017, we started in 14 villages near Les Verettes, Artibonite, a targeted move to eradicate cholera in one of the hardest hit areas of the country.
  • Let’s get more clean water in the hands of the Haitian families and community.

Water With Blessings for the NAVAJO NATION

  • Our special project for the Navajo Nation continues to grow, thanks to your generosity. We’re close to funding 700 families.
  • While the Navajo Nation continues to struggle with COVID-19,  we’re working with Roger Willie, and other Navajo collaborators to develop program material and a plan of action that will launch soon on the reservation, beginning at the Thoreau Chapter House.
  • Let’s get more clean water in the hands of the Navajo families and community. There are
    thousands more families without access to clean water on the
    reservation. That’s why we’re keeping this campaign open. Please keep
    passing the word to friends, family,
    and all your social networks.