Why We Support Water With Blessings: Joel Moore

Why We Support Water With Blessings


Joel Moore

Associate Pastor of Youth

Emmanuel Baptist Church, Pullman, Washington


Leading up to Christmas a few years ago, the younger members of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Pullman, Washington, were looking for a charity to support.


“Rather than receiving, they wanted to give something back,” said Joel Moore, the Church’s Associate Pastor of Youth. “We had given to a water project before – it’s a basic necessity. While searching the internet we found Water With Blessings.


“One of our considerations is how much of the money goes to actually doing the work. We loved the simplicity of it, working in terms of filters rather than digging a well. Also, it’s affordable for a student – rather than $5,000 for a well, it’s $75 for a filter. A student can actually do it.”


After their first gift, Sr. Larraine arranged a Skype session to thank the group.


“It was great to put a face on the organization,” Joel said. “She showed us on a map where the new Water Women were. We’re in a small town, a university town, where many people are affluent and can live in a bubble. Sr. Larraine shared with us life in Haiti. And the team going village by village to eradicate cholera – that’s really tangible.


“We also like that women are given the opportunity to do the work, elevating the status of women is a good thing. And there are lots of ways to help other than giving money, like crocheting the covers for the filters. It gets more people involved.”


The youth group continues to be advocates for Water With Blessings.


“Most people have $75 extra somewhere,” Joel said. “What’s better than to use that to save lives in the name of Jesus? It’s really nice to know that four families are drinking clean water because you gave up a few lattes at Starbucks.


“Also, I’ve passed on what Sister told us about places in Africa where mothers didn’t name their children right away. I can’t imagine not naming a child because it might not survive. It’s something we don’t experience.”


Even with the coronavirus pandemic, Emmanuel Baptist had a good year financially and the Church leadership decided to make an additional contribution to Water With Blessings.


“Everybody was very happy about that,” Joel said. “The towns biggest employers are Washington State University and Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, so there is a huge number of well-educated people here. This appeals to their head, and to their compassion as well. They can give to Water With Blessings with a cheerful heart.”


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